Friday, September 28, 2012

All the Junk We Love!

Today we went to the Onelink International Toys and Gifts Wholesale Market in Guangzhou.  Eric heard about it and his inner child was soooo excited to go!

Seven floors of all the wonderful JUNK you can imagine - toys, purses, make-up, dishes, jewelry, phone cases, etc.  You name it, they had it in one form or another.  It was pure bliss!

As you all know, Hannah and I love little doo-dads - you know the ones you find in catalogs or at Anthropologie, or Urban Outfitters.  Well, they had all that stuff right here - for cheap!

Good thing we have to fly home or we would have bought A LOT more.  I'm not joking.

And we never made it past the third level. 

And we only had 2 hours because we had to meet our guide to get our consulate paperwork.  So sad..

But, we did manage to find a few things we just couldn't live without:

That's right 5 phone cases!  They were like $4 each, so we decided to stock up!  And OPI nail polish for a buck?  What woman in her right mind wouldn't buy at least 10?  And a blank Rubiks Cube - come on!

 It was too much fun!  We were like kids in a candy store - or adults in a toy store!  Happy! Happy! Happy!

Unfortunately, the euphoria was a bit depleted when it took us an hour to find a taxi that would take us back to the hotel!  A million passed us by and none would pick us up.  Something about lunch breaks...Whatever!

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  1. Wow, so many wonderful things to see and do the second time around. Hopefully, you all will be heading home soon. I am sure Lily and Emmett are anxious to see you all. Thinking of you often-
    Love to all- Lori